Aurator and community spirit

Aurator acts in cooperation with Finnish associations and foundations. We are involved in supporting cultural and sports-related operations in cooperation with the following organizations, among others:


TPS has been at the top of its game in top-level Finnish football and related activities for over 80 years. The club has become a pivotal trendsetter in the life of Finnish sports and is a strong, characteristic part of Turku, its home town.


TPS is one of Finland’s largest and most successful sports clubs. Almost 900 players, 100 equipment managers and 150 coaches and team captains are active in the ranks of its ice hockey division.

Football Players’ Association – Jalkapallon pelaajayhdistys (JPY)

The purpose of JPY is to act as an association supervising the interests of football players and improve their legal position.

Kalle Samooja

Kalle Samooja (b. 1988) is a professional golfer from Turku. He has been Finland’s most successful amateur golfer in recent years. He is aiming at becoming the number one professional golfer in Finland. This season Kalle participates in the Asian Tour.

Naantali Music Festival

Naantali Music Festival is one of Finland’s oldest and most distinguished music festivals. At the centre of its program is chamber music in all its shapes and forms. The program is complemented annually by recitals performed by top international artists and visits by famous orchestras.